"I am truly honored to have the support and endorsement of so many current and former office holders. Having the support of people with whom I've worked and who know my work is particularly meaningful to me. My endorsers are representatives of our community: women and men, White, Black and Asian, gay and straight, Democrats and Republicans. Because the work of the Commission deals with local issues concerning resources, fairness and inclusion, I am gratified that my experience and approach is recognized and appreciated broadly."

-Lee Morris

"I have been impressed by Lee's readiness to reach across party lines to resolve local issues. That is one reason he is so effective."
Sonya Halpern
Democrat State Senator
"Lee has been such a champion for the taxpayers of Fulton County. We are fortunate to have him on the Board of Commissioners."
Jan Jones
Republican State Representative
"We can count on Lee Morris to continue to work with the leaders of all of Fulton County's cities to make government better for all of us."
Rusty Paul
Sandy Springs Mayor
"Lee Morris supports the interests of all the people he serves. He has always placed people over politics. That's why I, without a doubt or question, support his re-election to office!"
Vince Williams
Union City Mayor
"Lee Morris is such an important voice on the county commission - calm, thoughtful, and always looking for common ground and for solutions to tough issues, with a knack for cutting through tension with a touch of humor. Lee is a centrist, so respected by all of us, and the county needs his continued service."
Marvin Arrington Jr.
Fulton County Commissioner
"I have known Lee Morris for over 40 years and have had the pleasure of serving on the Atlanta City Council and now serving on The Board of Commissioners for Fulton County; he is a thoughtful, sincere, hardworking public servant who will continue to serve Fulton County with integrity."
Robb Pitts
Fulton County Commission Chair
"Lee Morris is a proven leader, and has served the citizens and businesses of the city and county with intelligence and integrity throughout his years of public elected service, as well as in his private life."
Yolanda Adrean
Former Atlanta Councilmember
"In my years as Atlanta City Council President, Lee Morris was the first and only freshman councilmember I ever appointed to the important Finance Committee. He was also one of the hardest working councilmembers I ever served with. I enthusiastically endorse this public servant's re-election to the county commission."
Marvin Arrington Sr.
Former Atlanta City Council President
and Fulton County Superior Court Judge
"I served on the Atlanta City Council with Lee and know him to be a problem-solver with the ability to work across racial and political boundaries to get things done."
Michael Julian Bond
Atlanta Councilmember
"I've known Lee Morris for a long time, and know he sincerely cares about people and works hard to make government serve them well.”
Andrea Boone
Atlanta Councilmember
"Lee has a passion for good and effective government, especially at the local level. He understands that the local governments work best when they work together."
Cynthia Briscoe Brown
Atlanta Board of Education Member
"Lee Morris is a friend to Sandy Springs, and is an inspiration to public officials county-wide. He stands for the best of leadership and service.”
Tibby DeJulio
Sandy Springs Councilmember
"Lee Morris represents the nonpartisan middle ground in our community - folks who simply want local government to work well. He has a long history of fixing those things that don't work well.”
Amir Farokhi
Atlanta Councilmember
"I enthusiastically support Lee Morris because of his track record as a conscientious, committed public servant working for the best possible county government for its citizens.”
Dustin Hillis
Atlanta Councilmember
"I've known Lee for over 20 years and admired his passion for doing the right thing for our citizens. I support his re-election enthusiastically."
Katie Howard
Atlanta Board of Education Member
"I'm grateful that Lee was able to secure seats on the Development Authority for school systems. He understands that governments ought to work together."
Tamara Jones
Atlanta Board of Education Member
"I've admired what Lee does for a long time, and his example was instrumental in my own decision to serve.”
J.P. Matzigkeit
Former Atlanta Councilmember
"I served with Lee on the City Council. His hard work and integrity inspired us to work better together."
Clair Muller
Former Atlanta Councilmember
"On the county commission Lee has been a strong voice for cooperation with the cities and the school boards. Sandy Springs is fortunate to have him on the commission."
Melissa Mular
Sandy Springs Councilmember
"I witnessed Lee's creative talents and leadership in protecting neighborhoods and building community through traffic calming, sidewalk programs and transit-oriented zoning. We need him to continue his work on the Fulton County Commission.”
Mary Norwood
Atlanta Councilmember
"Lee worked skillfully to secure seats on the Development Authority of Fulton County for the two school systems that pay half the taxes. Until then we had no voice. We need Lee to continue in office.”
Michelle Olympiadis
Atlanta Board of Education Member
"Experience matters. Lee's business, legal and accounting background has served the taxpayers well. Let's keep him working for us.”
John Paulson
Sandy Springs Councilmember
"We are very fortunate that someone with Lee Morris’ experience, dedication and honesty is serving us on the Fulton County Commission. It is hard to imagine a better qualified individual at any level of government. I enthusiastically support his re-election.”
Howard Shook
Atlanta Councilmember
"Lee Morris symbolizes everything I hold dear in a public servant: integrity, hard work, leadership and an ardent commitment to better our community.”
Alex Wan
Atlanta Councilmember
"I am a proud progressive Democrat but choosing the person is much more important than party. I'm pleased to endorse Lee's re-election.”
Matt Westmoreland
Atlanta Councilmember

Georgia Equality

"The reason people such as Alex Wan and Matt Westmoreland, Andrea Boone and Sonya Halpern support me is that I treat everyone with dignity, decency and respect. I will continue to give LGBTQ voters good government to the best of my ability." - Lee Morris

Atlanta Realtors Association and the Atlanta Commercial Board of Realtors

Lee is proud to have received the endorsement of the Atlanta Realtors Association and the Atlanta Commercial Board of Realtors.