Cut Spending

Lee Morris believes it's time to cut spending

Lee Morris ran in 2014 because he believed it was time to “right-size” Fulton County government. He has supported independent reviews of each department, many of which reviews have resulted in cuts and improved services. The county has undergone major reforms over the past 3 years, all supported by Lee, including the following successes among many:

A new focus on outcomes and results in the budgeting process, rather than on historical spending levels;

Coordinated support services across department lines, the “shared services” model, resulting in cost savings;

Creation of an independent Board of Health more closely aligned with the State’s health efforts; 

Out-sourcing of the county’s behavioral health department;

Judicial reinvestment initiatives resulting in better coordination among county judicial agencies and departments;

Better relationships with our county’s mayors and the Fulton County School Board, through regular working meetings.  

In each of the three years Lee has been on the Commission, the county has reduced its property tax millage rate, resulting in a net decrease of almost 12% from the 2014 rate in effect when he took office.